Michelle: Wow! Ok, don’t tell me you’re not even a little curious as to how your cardigan would look unshaped with a Fun Fur capelet attachment? Scratch that: Festive Fur. I was just trying to challenge myself to think of something repulsive. My blog is broken and won’t let me update :^( So I have to infiltrate yours :^)

Me: You are the only one who would recommend a Fun Fur (or better yet, Festive Fur) capelet as an addition to that cardigan. Tell ya what, I’ll also make those ridiculous overalls from K1 and wear the trio as one complete outfit. Of course I’ll have to wear the cowboy hat (trimmed in Fun Fur) and cowboy boots, too. Yeeehaw!

I’m home sick today, and slightly delirious from all the meds I’m popping, and all the tea and clementines are making me go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. However, as a result this delirium, I present this:

Michelle, this is for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, Vintage Pink Cardigan from Interweave Knits, paired with gorgeous Lion Brand overalls, a Festive Fur capelet, and a cowboy hat trimmed with Fun Fur. I should submit this to the geniuses at Lion Brand right now and you know this design is so good that it will be in the next issue of K1. That’s right.