Blogger has been having a comment-ache for a few days now, and I know you can’t post comments – I’m so sorry! It’s not just my blog – I visited three other Blogger blogs, and I got the same “blog not found” error message. The only time I’m able to leave comments is if I’m logged in and trying to leave them on my own blogs – that does you no good, of course!

I love getting comments (love it!), so if you feel like saying something, just drop me an e-mail (grumperina at gmail dot com). I’ll post them on your behalf. I got e-mails from SubwayKnitter, Betsy, and CatBookMom already – thank you, girls!

I don’t like posts without pictures, and I don’t want to post pictures of knitting right now, so check out the cutie who was helping me deal with the Blogger comment-ache:

I was lured here with food, I have no particular fondness for technology.

I’m concentrating on fitting this entire piece of bread into my mouth.

Don’t you dare take the bread away!

Happy Friday, everyone!