An interesting possibility

Through fluffa’s website I came across this Russian knitter’s website called Knit Your Own Karma. “Knitting Woman,” that’s what the owner of the website calls herself, has just completed a fabulous hooded pullover, and has included links to both pictures of it, and instructions. How is one supposed to knit this fabulousity? By knowing Russian, and translating the pattern, of course! My reading skills in Russian are questionable, at best, and my knowledge of knitting terms in Russian is non-existent, but I think with my mom’s help, we could figure it out. Ooo, ooo, is this another project?

So far I have been able to ascertain the following: the tension is 12 sts and 15 rows/10 cm. This is bulky yarn, and the project would go quickly. Interestingly, the pattern calls for US 8 needles, and ‘Knitting Woman’ used US 7. So I guess it’s bulky yarn knit pretty tightly. In the US, yarn like this would be worked on US 10-11, I think. The pattern is written in one size – 42/44. I’m not sure what this means, because I’m 100 cm around the bust (is that a size 50?), but also have European jackets which say 40 on the tag. Go figure! However, knowing the tension and that they ask to cast on 54 sts, this size will work for me!

Interesting possibilities :). Maybe I’ll make it?